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Alternatives Food Corporation (AFC) is a top tier broad line food service supply integrator based in the Ortigas Business District. The company began in 1989 as a private enterprise that focused on the compelling need of the local food industry that demanded stability, quality and value. The company continues to provide this service to this day by integrating this need with its international network of supply resources.

Since first providing an alternative source for key ingredients in the snack food industry, AFC has since expanded into other product lines. From native potato starches, flakes and granules, AFC now carries beef, pork, lamb, poultry, sea foods, modified starches, sesame seeds, blends and spices.

Committed to a philosophy of “Global Quality Sourcing”, Alternatives Food Corporation looks at situations from the customer’s point of view, understanding that real solutions should come from a global perspective in order to provide the customer with what they need to succeed in their business. To this end, we place special emphasis on:

  • Developing strong relationships with our customers.
  • Partnering with key global vendors and brokers to offer customers the best value
        for their purchases.
  • Expanding product lines to meet changing needs.
  • Supporting customers with timely information and cost-effective, efficient services.


At AFC, our mission is to provide the food services and manufacturing industries with products and services of the highest quality.

Accordingly, we take a “Global Quality Sourcing” approach to our business. This approach entails total organizational focus on the three primary groups that make up the Foodservice chain: Customers, Vendors and Employees.

Customers are at the heart of our philosophy. Providing our customers the critical information partnered with right products, when they need them and at the right prices is a principle of our philosophy. With this in mind, we have implemented business processes, technology that ensures that our customers’ foodservice needs are met accurately, consistently and timely. To this end, we place special emphasis on:

  • Product Innovation
  • Relationships
  • Flexibility


Our numerous global exclusive partners provide an array of food service products that centers on the marketing, availability and pricing of quality products. Values of integrity and trust are particularly important to our organization, and these are at the forefront of our relationship with our supplier partners.

AFC employees are committed to delivering service value throughout all points of the food service chain. Business processes, technology, training and measurement systems are critical components within our business model that have been designed to help our employees deliver superior service.